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5 Traits for Success in New Hires

  • Thursday, July 06, 2017 3:08 PM
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    5 Tips

    5 Traits for Success in New Hires
    By Paula Damiano – Editor, NAFE NEWS & NOTES

    According to, more than half of all voluntary employment turnovers happens within a year of new hires’ start dates. This is costly to the hiring company, both in time and money. How can you avoid making an unhappy choice?

    Of course, you’ll consider the applicant’s experience and education. But HR experts say you should also evaluate the potential employee’s personality. There are characteristics you should look for to ensure a good fit. Heed the advice from hiring professionals – and you’ll secure that special new team member that works best for you and your organization. So what traits should you look for?


    Ability to learn. There is only one certainty in life and work: Everything can and will change. An article on calls this desirable trait “learning agility.” It is defined as “how well a person transfers learning and knowledge from one experience to another completely new experience.” Ask your interviewees to describe how they adapted to something unexpected in the workplace or in their personal life.



    Grit. Call it dedication, perseverance, or stick-to-itiveness, that dog-with-a-bone quality is a great asset in the workplace. Does your candidate have a long connection to any one project or activity? Grit is linked to dependability. A CareerBuilder poll found that 73% of hiring professionals listed dependability as one of the top three qualities they looked for. “Candidates who show a commitment to completing tasks on time, as assigned, during the application process will likely continue this behavior as employees.”



    Enthusiasm. Also tied to passion is the zest someone has for her work. An article from the University of Scranton (Scranton, PA) website reports that people who enjoy their jobs often stay longer at those positions – and avoiding turnover is a prime HR goal. The article recommends looking for candidates who are “enthusiastic and passionate about what they do. Their successes should shine through during the interview.” On the subject of passion, one HR professional from LinkedIn says to look for “not just passion for life, but passion for your company and the kind of work they will be hired to perform.”



    Multitasking. Business News Daily cites this as one of the top traits for getting hired. Today’s jobs require a whole-project point of view. What you don’t want to hear from an employee or potential employee are phrases like “That’s really marketing’s job” or “I leave that to the R & D folks.”  According to the article, “companies need employees who are willing to come out of their roles and do whatever is necessary.”



    Positive attitude. An aura of doom and gloom does not enhance a workplace. According to CareerBuilder, “positivity leads to a more productive workday, and creates a better environment for fellow employees.” Look for the upbeat candidate, not the one that sighs a lot and frowns.

    In short, technical skills may get a candidate’s resume through the first level of review. But soft skills and personality define today’s successful new hire. Adjust your screening process to look for these traits and you’ll find the perfect match for your job opening.

    Paula Damiano writes and edits corporate newsletters, executive profiles, marketing materials, website text, and other business applications that require words. Contact her here:


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